Poland is an eastern European country. Its cuisine comes from German and Slavic traditions. Polish people enjoy meat and noodles such as pierogi, a cultural dish which is like a pot sticker. Their main meal typically consists of a soup such as tomato, an appetizer such as herring, and finally a meaty dish such as a roast.  One favorite dessert is Krówki, Polish fudge.

 During Communist occupation of Poland, many restaurants were shut down and the few that survived were extremely expensive making them largely unavailable to the common folk of Poland. This lead to Polish people focusing on strengthening their culinary heritage by cooking at home.

Famous Person

Franciszek Trześniewski is famous Polish chef. He established restaurant in Vienna in 1902 which remained open until 1978 when it was sold by his daughter. It was famous for serving egg paste sandwiches, a part of Polish cuisine. The sandwiches are known as “Viennese sandwiches.” The motto of the company is Unspeakably Good Sandwiches because the local Germans couldn’t pronounce the chef’s name. (you try)

Famous Place

Pierogi Place, located in Chicago, serves 15 types of pierogis. It prepares traditional and sweet dessert pierogis. Its recipes are carefully protected and have been passed down from generation to generation.    

Famous Item

Pierogi is a crescent shaped dumpling that can be fried or boiled. It is similar to an Italian ravioli or tortellini or Jewish kreplach. Its fillings include mashed potatoes or meat.