Location: Absolute; 52°13′48″N 21°00′39″E

Location: Relative; To the east of Germany and the Czech Republic. To the north of Slovakia. To the Northwest of Ukraine. 

Place: Human; Poland has many human characteristics. One thing that stands out is Poland education system. Children start at the age of six then go through three classes of education (like grade school, junior high, and high school).  Poland’s Cities are modern and exiting. Warsaw, Poland’s capital, has a 600 year old church and a 700 year old royal castle.

Place: Physical; Poland is the 9th largest country in Europe and 63rd in the world. Poland is mostly lowland with almost no mountainous places. Poland tallest mountain is Ryly. Poland has many national parks that cover 1% of their country.

Movement: People; People in Poland get around their country in many ways. They can get around in their cars, trains, and Poland’s national airline, LOT. This helps Polish people get around from city to city in a fast way.

Movement: Goods; Since the downfall of Communism, Poland has become a healthy economy and is the leading exporter of food in the EU. Goods include electronics, cars, and helicopters.

Movement: Ideas; Poland had recently had a huge expansion of home and cell phone use. Because of the Holocaust and movement of remaining non-Poles Poland has become almost uniformly Roman Catholic.

Human Environment Interaction: Environment; Poland has almost no natural borders because it is mostly flatland. This meant that Poland was constantly conquered by neighboring nations. Poland has many wolves that are dangerous and sometimes kill people.

Human Environment Interaction: Human; During the Communist regime almost nothing was done to prevent pollution so in 1989, when researchers looked they found that Communist Poland’s economy had depended on unrestrained use of the country’s natural recourses. They found that most of Poland’s River water was very contaminated and could not be used for irrigation, and much river life had perished.

Region: Eastern Europe, Former Communist Bloc Countries, Northeast Europe.